Keyword Research Tools for Small Business

Here are keyword research techniques and tools that are rarely talked about as mean of coming with
effective keywords for your content. You actually can use them for keyword research for campaigns.

Offline keyword research is not as popular as the conventional online keyword research tools and
techniques. Offline techniques can help you with keyword research for a small business that does
not have data you can base your campaign on for a start.

I unravelled how you can  use traditional marketing research methods for keyword research. You
will complement these offline keyword techniques with online keyword research tools though.



Brainstorming with client on strategy for a campaign can be a source of base keywords. The secret
behind this is to watch out for terms used by client’s staff in talking about the offer.

These terms are not keywords outrightly, but you can leverage on them by refining them with keyword
research tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Involve your client’s marketing team, sales team, customer service team, even PR team, if possible,
in brainstorming to be able to come up with a wide range of keyword suggestions to start your
keyword research.


Industry Jargon

Industry jargon, aka Register, have some keyword opportunities we often overlook. Registers are
already used to call what you want to sell or the marketing message you set to out to pass.

You could squeeze out keywords from these Industry Jargon using popular keyword research tools
you are already familiar with.

Other offline keyword research techniques you could learn to use are Competition Research and
Customer Survey.

You will also learn uncommon online keyword research tools such as ‘Searches Related’ under SERP,
Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Search Suggest, Google Trends.

Learn how to use all these unconventional keyword research tools and techniques  in Keyword Research Tools for Small Business.


keyword research techniques and tools



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