5 Ideas to Improve Your Sales Ratio [CLOSE MORE SALES]

5 Ideas to Improve Your Sales Ratio [CLOSE MORE SALES]

To close a sale, you need to demonstrate to your prospect that they need whatever you are offering right now. This is the exact moment they need to make a change. Not later. If you are struggling to close a sale, then you have an issue. Sure, in some cases it may be because they have absolutely no need for your product and never will. However, we are going to assume that you have done your research and you have identified the right target market. If that is the case, then you have the problem. Here are five tips you can use to close your sales ratio right now.

Automate the Process

Technology is brilliant. Try to automate the process. When it comes to closing a sale, you will want to ensure that the leads you have are as hot as possible. Many companies have started to gravitate towards email marketing. Use a fantastic email campaign to ‘warm’ up the prospect. By the time that person reaches the sales team, the prospect is so hot that closing them is going to be simple. It also means that you can spend more time on the decent leads. We would not be surprised if you had a closure rate of 80-90% (and in some cases more) if you went down the automation route.

Know Your Product

If you wish to close a sale, then you need to understand your product inside out. However, if you want to nail some sales, then it is not enough to know what your product does. To make a sale, you need to show that it is relevant to the person. Every buyer that comes your way has different needs. Tell them how your particular product can meet the needs that they have. Customers will find it difficult to do this on their own, so you need to put in effort yourself.

Before you have a conversation with a customer, research them. This will help.

Focus on the Customer

This ties into the previous point. It is important that you focus on your customer. Do you know what people hate about buying from companies? Well, they loathe when they do not get the personal touch. They hate dealing with faceless corporations. They want to be treated like an individual. If you do your research on the customer, or at least understand them when they talk to you, you will find that you can make a higher number of sales.

Get to know your customer and build up a rapport. We have seen companies sell products at a higher price than their competitors due to this rapport. It helps to build up trust in you. It sort-of shows that if your customer does run into any issues, you are there for them.

Do not give yes or no answers

You should never be answering questions with a yes or a no. They do not encourage people to buy. Let’s assume you are selling a physical product. Somebody asks this:

“Is this product available in red”

Let’s assume it is available in red. Which answer do you think is going to tell your customer, in their mind, that they should make the purchase:

  1. Yes
  2. Would you like it in red?

The answer is the second one. Your customer is saying yes. They are being positively reinforced in their mind that purchasing from you is good.

Free Trials

If you have a product which can be offered through a free trial, then make sure that you utilize it. It is going to help you out a lot. It demonstrates to the client that your product is worth using. Your conversions will shoot up. There is a reason why free trials are used by just about every subscription-based company out there. You aren’t the one doing the selling then. The selling is being done by your product.

Remember; this is just scratching the surface of improving your sales ratio. The more you sell, the more you can tailor your approach to catapult your sales conversion ratio to a place you never thought possible.

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